Company Introduction

DataYes is China's leading edge financial technology company founded by a group of experts in the fields of finance and internet technology. It is invested by China Wanxiang, one of China's largest non-state-owned conglomerate. By employing a new generation of technology and investment philosophy, the company is committed to providing a world-class and revolutionary global financial services platform.
DataYes is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and has branches in Beijing, Nanjing and the Silicon Valley.

Vision —— to make investment easier

We strive to make investment easier for professional investors and to make professional services accessible to retail investors.



Feng XiaoPhD

Founder and Chairman

Holding a PhD in Economics from China Nankai University, Dr. Xiao has over 20 years' experience in the Chinese securities and asset management industry. He founded Bosera Asset Management, one of the first and largest mutual funds in China.

Prior to founding DataYes, Dr. Xiao has held several positions at Bosera Asset Management, the CSRC Shenzhen Office, the People's Bank of China (PBoC) Shenzhen SEZ Branch, Konka Group etc.

Zheng WangPhD

Founder and CEO

Dr. Wang received a PhD in Physics at Princeton University and did his post-doc at Harvard University.

He has about 20 years of industrial experience in asset management, financial data analytics and big data analysis at various premium institutes including Bloomberg, Barclays Global Investors and Bosera Asset Management Co.

Company Culture

We value teamwork. We excel with passion, vitality and professionalism as a team.

Employee Benefits