Robo Research Platform

Investment research platform powered by big data and machine learning

Multi-dimensional information filtering, personalized content subscription and interactive user interface

Intelligent financial search engine and professional supply chain analysis modules

Comprehensive knowledge graph and versatile financial models

SaaS-based multi screen application for research management and collaboration

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Quantitative Research and Trading Platform

Easy-to-use interface for quantitative research with large volume of financial data

Multi-asset and multi-strategy backtesting framework

Professional-level Factor testing and research, supports strategy modeling, risk forecasting and attribution analysis

End-to-end quantitative investment from data processing, strategy building to real-time trading

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Full cycle MOM/FOF fund management platform

Manager selection: quantify performance, due diligence, personalized manager recommendation

Portfolio construction: quantitative modeling, optimal "risk-return" portfolio discovery

Investment process management: real-time product monitoring, manager's viewpoint tracking

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Robo Advisory Service

Automated investment advisory service for retail investors

Provide professional and customized asset allocation advices
Monitor your portfolio and analyze market movements

Recommend real-time investment ideas and keep you one step ahead

Improve investing skills with historical transaction analysis

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Data Mall

Open data platform for fundamental and quantitative investment research

Comprehensive financial data, reports and news with free trial

Professional data processing and premium data quality

Versatile data format supports with JSON, CSV and API calls

Proprietary alternative data for in-depth sector research

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